Our sector focus, deep industry relationships, and disciplined culture are core to our investment process

Firm Overview

Castle Creek is an alternative asset management firm focused on the community banking industry. Located in San Diego, California and Dallas, Texas, the firm has been a leading investor in community banking since its inception in 1990, having raised and managed eight private equity funds and multiple special situations funds. We have more than 100 combined years of industry experience—five decades operating banks and another five investing in them—which allows us to bring differentiated insight to our portfolio companies.

Total Capital Deployed
Years’ Experience

Our Core Principles


Our relationships with limited partners, bank executives, and regulators are integral to our success.


We are committed to the long-term success of community banking.


Our discipline results in a deliberate, focused, and repeatable investment process.

An Asymmetrical Investment Opportunity for our Investors

  • Our capital isn’t a commodity; the Castle Creek brand is more than price
  • Our value-based investment philosophy is aimed at sourcing and investing in undervalued assets where we can identify and unlock latent value
  • The lack of meaningful competition allows for inefficient asset pricing
  • We proactively seek assets we want to own; we don’t participate in auctions
  • Our operating experience and dedicated operating partners are a key source of value creation
  • Our deliberate, focused, repeatable investment process produces attractive risk-adjusted returns for our limited partners
  • Regulation and capital requirements provide for unusual downside protection
  • Unfamiliar accounting, economics and operations related to community banks and financial service companies creates a barrier to entry