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First Bancorp Names New Chairmen
Posted: 02/07/2013 | Castle Creek

By Matt Evans

First Bancorp has elected a new chairman, as well as chairmen for its banking and insurance subsidiaries.

Mary Clara Capel will serve as chairman of First Bancorp (NASDAQ: FBNC). She is director of administration at rug manufacturer Capel Inc in Troy, where First Bancorp is headquartered. She has been a director of First Bank since 2005, and was appointed to the N.C. State Banking Commission last year.

James Crawford III was elected chairman of First Bank. He is the retired chairman and CEO of department store chain B.C. Moore & Sons Inc., and has been a director of First Bank and First Bancorp since 2008.

Winston Dozier, who has been a director at First Bancorp and First Bank since 2010, will take over as chairman of First Bank Insurance Services. Dozier is the former owner of Quik Chek, a Troy-based chain of convenience stores that he sold in 2006.

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